Cello Opalware Dazzle Plain White Dinner Set, 18Pcs, White


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Brand : Cello

Colour : White

Material :  Oplware

Pattern : Dinner Set

Sets of : 18 Piece

Collection : ALL

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About this item

  • Made in India with most advanced German technology as per European standards.;1 percent vegetarian, bone ash free and made of green material.
  • Non porous, food grade and hygienic dinnerware solution for your family that is easy to clean and doesn’t stain.;Thermal resistant, no cracks on heating food in microwave or storing in the refrigerator. Stackable dinnerware optimises space.
  • Fully tempered up to 3X stronger for everyday use. Break, chip and scratch resistant.;Vibrant prints on smooth super white surfaces create dazzling lightweight dinnerware.
  • Package Contents: 6-Pieces Full Plate(1 inch), 6-Pieces Quarter Plate(7.5 inch), 6-Pieces Veg Bowl (15ml- 4 inch);Color: White, Material: Opalware
  • Item Shape: Round
Weight 15 kg


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