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Policy Overview

At geekguider contracts with Globally Home Décor kitchen and electronic items, 
Geekguider deals in world wide and with their Pin Codes. Geekguider is a global E-commerce  Home Décor Kitchen Care Accessories, website which serves Indian Products from the customers in USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia  Europe, the Middle East, and many more countries.

Third Party Payment Gateway “PayPal Billing Invoice”

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Customer Paying with world’s Secure Payment Gateway PayPal. PayPal is also creating Billing Invoice of which payment received by PayPal  include shipping charge and send it to the Customer’s email Directly.

Fee Refund Policy

If Customer want to Cancelled their Order before shipped.

2% gateway fee after the remaining amount will be refunded to your account within 24 hours after you did not ask for refund you will provide a valid account. should we process the refund but you should provide a valid reason for not purchasing with Us.

Described as Return and Refund Policy 

Breathe easy! Yes, (Geekguider) we do accept refunds in the USA.

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